Ambush with Alvin

Ambush, a cafe offering western cuisine located at Jurong Point. We (Rachel,Alvin & I) was searching high and low for a place for dinning and it was suggested by Rachel that we can dine in this cafe as it offer affordable price and the food is not bad. Luckily for us that we do not need to queue.

The cafe adopts an open concept style and people who are walking pass could easily watch what we are doing. It is an open cafe between the shops. Didn't take many photos as we are concentrating chit chatting all the way throughout the dinner. Alvin was back from Paris and rachel has not seen him for 8 years? That was long...

Picture of the menu. The menu has the newspaper concept. Simple and understandable.

Alvin ordered hamburg beef and fries.

Swiss german sausage with rosti by Rachel. I like the rosti which is actually made of potato slice. We can choose either take rosti or mashed potato during the order.

My fish & chips. Taste nice and i haven't got to eat good western food for quite sometime. So this is consider a treat for me.

After the dinner, we headed for dessert at a nearby dessert shop to continue our craving for desserts.Actually it's my craving. I wanted to have the mango dessert. The taste and presentation of the dessert is similiar to U-dessert in JB. Basically i think i will back JB to have it due to the price differences.lolz

Ended the post of sis & alvin.


Belly B said...

It looks so delicious! Have to try it the next time I'm there :)

<3 Belly B

Hazel said...

yeah..should try it :)

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