Grandpa Birthday Celebration @ Mutiara Hotel JB

We had grandpa's 84th birthday celebration a week ago over the weekend at a chinese cusine restaurant @ Mutiara Hotel. Forget the name of the restaurant though but the hotel only has one Chinese cuisine restaurant. It serves halal foods as well.

Foods of the day:-


Shark fin soup which is rich with ingredients.

Roasted chicken with the crackers on top of the display.

Delicious Bun (mantao) and roasted duck with their sauce. I like the mantao and each of us only have one piece each and not enough.

Green vegetables which taste fresh and well-cooked.

Long Bean dish. Love this dish simple and nice.

Crispy prawns with 2 ways of cooking.

Delicious fried codfish. The fish is very smooth and texture is superb.

Snack to satisfy our sweet tooth.

After our dinner, aunt brought out the designer birthday cake and we started to sing happy birthday song to grandpa. He is 84 yrs old this year and wish him healthy always.Do you know why there is a man and a girl on top of the cake? The man is none other than my grandpa and the girl is my cousin. Both birthdays are near so we had them together.

Picture of my grandpa with the cake.

Followed by photos together with cousins. Carmen graduated from NUS and she is going to start work so hopefully we can arrange for meet ups in singapore next time.

Pictures of grandpa and grandma

Group photo of grandpa and his grandchildren.

Ended the post with a vain picture of myself.

All photos taken using iphone on that day.

And I am so excited! I got my first advertorial paid up!Although the amount is small sum but it is a motivation for me to blog more.Hopefully more to come :)


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