Spize @ Simpang Bedok

My colleague has recommended a nice place for dinner cum supper. This place is definitely a good place for supper in Singapore. It is located at Simpang Bedok which is a stretch of halal restaurants that open till late night. It is a place for hangout after the night activities.

One of the famous eateries is Spize which also provide delivery services as well. Spize would be good choice as they served varieties of foods. You name it. Western, malay and chinese cuisine are available. They also served desserts as well.

Roti John Chicken & special (S$5.50) is absolutely splendid with its presentation and taste as well. Savoring with the taste of it!

Cheesy fries (S$5.90) Super duper delicious! It is definitely a good choice for snacks and appetizer. I love the cheesy taste.

Hotplate grill garlic mushroom chicken chop with mashed potatoes (S$12.50). The sauce is compatible with the grilled chicken chop which makes the overall taste just melt into your mouth when you taste it.

Squid with black bean and curry leaves (S$8.00) which taste Q and fresh.

Ginger & spring onion clam (S$8.00) which taste fresh and the sauce is compatible with clams.

Baby Kailan with oyster sauce (S$7.00) - baby kailan taste fresh and goes well with oyster sauce. It's cooking style is similar to chinese cooking style.

Hotplate egg tofu with fresh mushroom (S$12.00) Exactly same cooking style as chinese style. I love the tofu smoothness with the eggs. Splendid choice!

The place provide affordable and reasonable pricing. Spize also provide choices to choose from and definitely a good place for gathering and makan session. It's the atmosphere eating along the road side which we can only find in Malaysia.


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