Reunion after 2 years

It's like a reunion gathering for me and cher as we had not met each other for 2 years ever since I left my ex-company and started my hardship.Ahemm...she is a very busy young lady and surprisingly, she took the initiative to meet us up. It was nice catching up with her and angelmama. Everyone was so excited to see each other.

As usual, i was the last to arrive and late for the date. Oppss...i think it is my trademark now based on my current work life style. But neverthless i will try to make it a point to go out with friends and hand around.

Dinner @ Chicken Hotpot @ NEX. Bedok shopping mall has one of the branch as well.
They provide individual steamboat style which provide us the choice for the main course.I got myself the chicken set which i do not remember the actual name of the food.
Chit-chatting for 3 ladies can talk like thousand years with endless topics to chat with. I'm glad that everyone is doing fine and well in their career. Everyone has their own pace of life on whatever things. So do not fret although you will tend to think about it. Try to focus on other stuffs and it will make you feel better and happier. But this is so called life cycle that everyone has to go through.

So we headed to New Zealand Natural for ice-cream dessert and start to camwhoring and chit chatting. Love having Angelmama around as she has many weird and funny acts to snap and laugh together.

That's explain from the below photos.

Showing the excitement to see the 4 scoops of ice-cream. Just being nice so we listened to Angelmama and she will think of many crappy ideas and guide us in terms of life philiosophy? or other than that.

Ended my short post with our group photo.
Everyone is looking great and will get even better in future!!


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