Dove Hair Treatment + Hair Myths

I received an unexpected email from Unilever few weeks ago. I was selected as one of the girl to share Dove's secret. It was an extra bonus for me and i got sponsored for the whole range of the hair loss products that was launched by Dove. 

Before i share the products i got, let me share the lists of myths about hair which i got from the Dove event.

#Myth 1 : Daily Washing can slow down hair growth
Fact: It is hard to imagine that shampooing was a monthly activity before the late 19th Century. Today, there is no scientific evidence that daily shampooing damages scalp or affects hair growth. In fact, daily use of an anti-hair fall hair care system helps condition hair to prevent hair loss for fuller looks

#Myth 2: Cutting Hair promotes hair growth
Fact: Your hair might look more voluminous after a hair-cut only because split ends are removed and hair is layered. For fuller hair, try Dove Hair Fall Rescue Leave-on Intensive Hair Tonic. It helps prevent the body's natural enzymes from breaking down the "follicle glue" which binds hair to the scalp.

#Myth 3: Hair Fall is caused by clogged pores
Fact: Clogged pores are actually a cause of ace, not baldness. If common baldness was simply due to clogged pores, then rigorous shampooing would be all that was needed to maintain a full head of hair, which is not the case.

#Myth 4: Hair fall is caused by decreased blood flow to the scalp
Fact: When your hair is growing, it does require a significant amount of blood flow. Once you lose your hair, not as much blood is needed and thus blood flow to the scalp decreases. Therefore, a decreased blood flow to the scalp is not the cause of hair loss, but a result of it.

#Myth 5: Wearing hats makes your hair fall
Fact: People who accuse their hats as being the cause of their hair fall think that wearing hats all the time prevent the scalp from breathing. Actually, hair follicles get oxygen from the blood stream rather than from the air.

#Myth 6: Hair fall does not affect young women
Fact: Although commonly mistaken to affect only postmenopausal women, hair fall and thinning can occur in teenagers due to hormonal changes, diet and stress. Strengthen hair from breakage with Dove Hair Fall Rescue System Daily Treatment Conditioner and Dove Hair Fall Rescue System Deep Repair Treatment Mask which deliver intensively nourishing benefits.

#Myth 7:Frequent shampooing causes hair to fall out
Fact: Hereditary baldness is not due to hair falling out, but rather by normal hair gradually being replaced by finer, thinner hairs. The simple solution is to shampoo everyday and the excess hair in the tub will go away.

#Myth 8: Hair fall stops when you get older
Fact: Once hair fall begins, it tends to progress over a person's lifetime and never completely stops. However, the rate at which hair will continue to fall out is hard to guess.The younger you are when you start to lose your hair, the more likely you are to become very bald.

#Myth 9: Cutting your hair will make it grew back thicker
Fact: Hair grows out in a point that is naturally more slender and fine than the root of the hair. As it grows, the hair is exposed to the elements, styling friction and other environmental factors that wear it and make it appear thinner than at the root. If you cut that hair off, the new end will grow out to the same thinned fate. The hair emerging from the scalp will be no thicker or fuller.

#Myth 10: Dropping hair is a sign of hair fall
Fact: It's considered normal if you're losing 100 to 150 strands a day. However, if you notice that you're losing more than 150 strands a day, you may have a hair fall problem.

#Myth 11: Stress and poor diet may lead to hair fall
Fact: While it's true that prolonged stress and an imbalanced diet may lead hair loss, this is usually a temporal symptom, and can be tackled by making adjustments to your lifestyle.

Dove Product Range that i received

Here is the lists of the product range that i got:-

1. Dove Hair Fall Rescue System Shampoo 
   (S$7.70 & S$11.70 for 375ml and 700ml respectively)
2. Dove Hair Fall Rescue System Conditioner
   (S$7.70 & S$11.90 for 350ml and 700ml respectively)
3. Dove Hair Fall Rescue System Daily Treatment Conditioner 
  (S$8.90 for 180ml)
4. Dove Hair Fall Rescue System Serum 
  (S$8.90 for 40ml)
5. Dove Hair Fall Rescue System Deep Repair Treatment Mask
  (S$10.90 for 200ml)
6. Dove Hair Fall Rescue System Leave-on Intensive Hair Tonic
  (S$19.90 for 7 tubes of 7ml) 

*Information from Beatrice Tan's blog*

My personal experience with Dove product range was a pleasant one. I used to be lazybum to use hair conditioner. I started off using conditioner and i can see the immediate result. I can feel the softness of my hair and less frizzy as well. The Dove Hair Fall Rescue System Leave-on Intensive Hair Tonic is very useful for me. The package is very suitable for travel kit use. I shared my experience when i got it for free through sharing my hair loss story with Dove. You can read the experience here.

Besides using the products, i also need to put in effort to go for hair scalp treatment every month. It is actually quite pricey to go hair salon every month. Thus, the hair tonic comes handy because it shares the same function as the hair treatment i got from hair salon.Not to mention that the Dove fragrance lasts for 1 day plus. I start to have self-obsession to smell my hair all the time. This is based on my own experience through the 2 weeks time.


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